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AtmaCashino's Chaos Legion Tv Review

Rated: 9

This RPG has an interesting twist from the way the experiance points and health are used. (Get his directly and your life health suffers, health hits zero equals death. Kill enemies and get experiance). However, there is another bar, Soul, and the Legions. It is the <i>Legions</i> that gain the EXP, and even so, only the ones that were brought along get them.

These EXP are used to increase their abilities (more attacks, more members, better attack and defense) or the abilities they give Sieg when they're equiped. For example, the "Guilt" Legion gives Sieg the ability to use the "Dark Ripper" in place of his "Midnight Ripper," which gives him a total of 6 normal attacks instead of the usual 4.

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AtmaCashino's Final Fantasy VII Tv Review

Rated: 10

This games "Materia" system is the most innovative system of the Final Fantasy's. Some combinations are simple, like "All" with "Cure" for "Cure-All." Others are more complicated, such as putting Final Attack-Revive, Counter-Cure lvl. 3, Mega All to cast revive when fatal strike hits, cast cure when attacked, which then affects the entire party. There are hundreds upon thousands upon millions of combinations and experimenting to find the good ones. Some combinations are cheap, others are necessary.

Some of the jokes get weird. There is a place early in the game, called the "Wall Market,"
where there are a lot of homosexual weirdos and tons of sexually-slanted jokes.

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AtmaCashino's Guilty Gear Tv Review

Rated: 10

Man! Even the sky isn't the limit when it comes to how tough some people get at this game! There are so many abilities aside from special attacks, such as Roman Canceling to create original and sometimes obscene combos, Absolute Defense to survive some of the super attacks called Overdrives. The game uses a "tension" meter, which is used up as some certain special abilities are used (most prominant is the Overdrives and (False) Roman Cancelling). On top of that, there are even three other modes for each character! One is EX mode, where some attacks of characters change in execution or visuals, or even get new attacks at the expense of some of the regulars! Another is Shadow mode, where the character gets infinite tension (which is cheap, but not as bad as the next one).

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AtmaCashino's Fatal Frame Tv Review

Fatal Frame

Rated: 10

This game is highly original, as well as its prequal of sorts, are extremely original. With an extremely strange weapon, scary visuals and story to boot. The idea of twins being used as a sacrifice to prevent the end of the world from the gate to Hell is grand. Additionally, the visuals go in your head, and never leave for at least a month.

Put short, the creaters made the perfect game to scare the living sh*t out of anyone. There are several difficulty levels, although, even the easy difficulty is fairly hard (with the toughest being "experts only," literally). The game is similar to merging the Ring with Silent Hill (any of the games, number four being preferable) with the setting in a feudal Japan village.

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AtmaCashino's FLCL Tv Review


Rated: 9

Even if it is short, it ranks high on originality. All the characters are far from mundane, the weapons and "enemies" are as strange as the characters, and the story is actually a bit complex (as are some jokes, amazingly enough). You have to watch it a few times to get everything (thankfully, for marathon watchers, it is butt-friendly since it is only 6, half-hour episodes spanning a little under 3 hours).

Some of the jokes and gags used in here are somewhat cliche', but its done in such a way that it's funny again. Other gags are just funny regardless , such as when Naota needed to bat a meteorite in the shape of a "sinker" baseball using a bass guitar that Haruko pulled out of his head is either funny or weird, or some combination of the two.

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AtmaCashino's Neon Genesis Evangelion Tv Review

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Rated: 9


This series is a classic by standards, with unorthadox aliens to living mecha to the most unlikely main character (Shinji, who is spineless, a wimp, and completely pathetic weakling, the complete opposite of what a main character should be), all under a gigantic plan. Everything is a near equivalent to some of the Wagnerian operas in terms of some sequences: tragic, dramatic, powerful. (Wagner was probably the best opera composer in existence). Every episode has some meaning or point that completes the big picture, either some clarity on characters or defeating an angel (or both). Everything is not completely serious, there are some funny episodes around the middle of the series. (the type of show shifts from dramatic-funny-lots more dramatic).

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